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Made By Ryan

I make things. I can't help it. I see something that doesn't work and I know how it could be fixed, so i just fix it. Sometimes, I search for something that should exist, but it doesn't, so I create it.

This is a repository for many of the problems i've fixed, and things i've created. Where possible, I have made available as much of each project as possible for public use. Those not available here invite you to contact me as it is always my belief that, for the correct circumstance, anything is available.

Gtk to Qt Porting Wrapper
Take a large Gtk application, compile and link it against this wrapper library and your application will use Qt. Think of it as the Gtk API implemented in Qt.

Ever wanted to easily create graphs and charts in a Gtk or Cairo based application? I did. Sure, there are plenty of charting packages out there already, but if you wanted something that looked nice and would be easily insertable into a Solaris Gtk application, you were out of luck.

Micro mobile application framework
This application framework was targeted at bringing smart phone style applications to low-end devices along with all the fancy network-enabled features you would expect from a full smart phone.

C++ .Net Interface Generator
Already have a DLL exposing the full range of C++ (classes, STL, etc) and want to use it in C#, VB.NET, etc ? Have of heard of swig ? Swig will generate an interface for you, however you may not like what comes out. I wanted something that would generate pure C# code that would allow me to use a DLL as if it had been written in C# and everything just worked as is.

Nagios is a free service monitoring package. It works with just about anything and has plenty of help available. Nagios is not perfect. If you ever want to check services in sub 10-second intervals over hundreds of hosts spread over many locations then you are probably going to run into the "service check relay" bottleneck. This fixes the bottleneck and helps keep your Nagios nodes working together.

Citrix Launcher
Do you just want a link on your desktop that will bring up a Citrix application without any further user interaction? If you use a Citrix web interface then this is going to be difficult to achieve. Just use this and stop worrying about it.

LG Mobile Phone Software
The LG U8xxx series of phones were quite capable for their time but lacked good PC software, and also had several features crippled by network vendors. I decided to create a replacement package for the included software to overcome these flaws.

Wasn't Stunts, aka 4D Sports Driving, an awesome game ? I though so as well, so I remade it. Complete with modern graphics, track editor, and newer but just as fun physics.

Dance Dance Revolution Clone
I took music submitted from local bands and made a Dance Dance Revolution machine to be put at local music venues that support local artists.

WPF Gtk Widget
I had two code bases I needed to integrate. One a Gtk C++ application, the other a C# WPF application. The nicest way I could think to do this was to build a GtkWidget that would load WPF UIElements and treat them as native. Works so good, you will begin to think WPF is part of Gtk.