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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Old-School J2ME Game

In what seems like a previous life, I developed some J2ME games and applications. I recently rediscovered one of the games I worked on sifting through old backups looking for useful code. The game is called Furniture Frenzy which is in the same style as Rush Hour or similar move-box-to-exit navigation games.

The objective of the game is complete a collection of stages in which a blue coffee table is incontinently stuck inside a room full of other furniture.  Furniture can only be pushed or pulled on its shortest side, not pushed along on its longest side. This ensures that you will have to repeatedly move furniture around until you are able to free the coffee table.

Typical Furniture Frenzy stage. The hand is used to move furniture while trying to get the blue table out the exit.

Simple stage. Move the piano up, book case to the right, sofa, down, then blue table out the exit.

More complicated stage.
I always offered this game as a free download, but the website I was hosting it on went under, or I should say, I took it down. So, here it is, back again for your retro enjoyment!

FurnitureFrenzy.jar Download

iPhone/Android port an option ?

Update:  Found a site that was hosting my FurnitureFrenzy along with the original description I wrote for it - historic.

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