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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Porting Torque3d to linux

Torque3d is a game engine published by GarageGames. Recently they started a campaign to have the engine ported to Linux . Seeing this, I wondered how difficult it would be to perform the port. Knowing a bit about game engines myself, I thought I would see how difficult it would be

In not too long, I was able to have most of the base engine running. No tools, no editors, etc, just the basic game engine. I did hack round some bits, just to try and see a result. Obviously I didn't do any real QA and I really only tackled the easy 85% of the code and left the rest, so the remainder would take a lot longer.

Will be good to see their porting project complete and the full game dev environment available. More native linux games on the way...

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