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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Furniture Frenzy for PC

I recently rediscovered a mobile phone game I wrote some years back and seeing it again reminded me how much time I once spent working on making my own games. So, I took it upon myself to bash together a quick reimplementation of furniture frenzy for the PC.

Level 4 from furniture frenzy
Since I had the original game, I was able to salvage the image assets and use them directly. Unfortunately, the source code was long lost, so I needed to write it from scratch. I wanted to remain as close to the original as possible, just adding some minor features, still keeping it very simple. I ended up adding a high score system and tracking of the time it takes you to solve each level.

All up, the game took about a day to write. This time, I'm making the game even more free so that the source code is never lost again. Enjoy!

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Side note: Rush Hour is owned by thinkfun - obtain a license if you intend on doing anything with their ideas. Consider this source code as educational material.

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